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Gareth Adams
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August 2015
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Gareth Adams [userpic]
MS, Found with a Bird

Gareth looked over the bird that had brought the mysterious message to him.

It was definitely not from nearby, and he did see sand in its feathers.

Hm. To tell Lilith or not to tell Lilith?

She will have an unholy fit with me if I don't tell her. But she will pass the word on to Elizabeth right away if I do tell her--which Anders specifically doesn't want.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Hawkwood could also be of great help--except that she's pregnant, and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to their child.

*snorts* So many things you say you would never forgive yourself for, Graves. Stop adding to the list.

Oh, for the days when I would simply make these decisions and not consider anyone's feelings but my own!

He thought a moment. If it were Lilith in danger, I'd be furious if I weren't told. We must at least consider it, even if she is pregnant. With that decided, he scrawled off a quick note to Lilith.

My dearest,

It seems I have been requested to make a brief journey to Egypt on Ministry business. Care to come along? We would be searching for a missing person item.



(Lilith can see through the strikeout, if she works a bit at it.)

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